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In Memory of
Giovanni "Bruno" Selmi
1923 -
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Condolence From: Pete Lyons
Condolence: Bruno was amused to see me arrive by bicycle in autumn 1991 - all the way from Seattle (by train) via Reno (by bicycle). He wanted to know why I wanted to see Gerlach and I told him because I was curious and that I wanted to continue onward to see the Black Rock Desert. He told me that as a young man he loved bicycling in the big open spaces.

He then offered me a room in his motel AT NO CHARGE. The weather turned nasty and I ended up staying in the room for another few days until the weather improved. During that time, I got to know him more and each time I came back through, he would remember me and it was like we were never apart.

I went on to open my business in Las Vegas (Omega Land Sailing) and I regret not making a trip up to see Bruno again in many years. I had no idea he was falling ill until seeing his obituary in the Reno Gazette online today (March 28 2018).

Bruno: I will always miss you. Thank you for your true friendship. -Pete
Thursday March 29, 2018
Condolence From: Susan Lynn
Condolence: Bruno was a special person and friend. Bruno's Gerlach Country Club was always a stop to be made, whether for a break or as a destination.

I have 2 favorite stories: One morning on my way to Cedarville, I stopped for breakfast. Bruno came roaring out from behind the bar waving, "did you see-a my pig-a?" I begged his pardon and made him repeat the question. I hadn't seen the pig-a. He informed me that the pig-a had been stolen or lost and asked me to look for it on my way. As I understand the story, the gate in the truck accidently unlocked and the pig had probably leaped to the pavement near Eagleville. Last I heard the pig-a had been found and sent to the butcher for bacon, ham and sausage.

The second story is typical of rural Nevada. Lined up on the bar was a picon punch, a beer, a manhattan and a baby bottle.

To make ravioli's with Bruno, Skeekie and staff was truly a pleasure and an education! One caught up on ALL the local news.

Bless Bruno for making his place memorable. What a personality! I know Bruno will keep life interesting in the great beyond.

To his family, I know you will grieve, as will the larger Bruno community, including me. Thanks for sharing him as long as you did.
Thursday May 18, 2017
Condolence From: Ted Wehking
Condolence: I will always member Bruno as one of Northern Nevada's treasures. Every time I drive through Gerlach I will fondly him. There are many, many stories to recall, one that comes to mine is when he told me "I speak'a five different languages, but I speak'a English the best"
Wednesday May 17, 2017
Condolence From: Ed Harms
Condolence: I am so sorry for your loss. Bruno was a special person. He would give you the shirt off his back to help people. He will be remembered and be considered a legend by many people.
Wednesday May 17, 2017